Web crawl technology made simple

CrawlerGo is a hassle-free and user-friendly web scraping solution, designed and adapted for collecting and extracting massive web data packages into a structured and readable form. Our web-based software is capable of visiting every nook and corner of the world-wide-web and deliver required information to a flexible and mobile friendly user interface. At the end, any of you may stay updated by getting and analyzing real-time data of your specific interest at any needed time intervals.

how crawler works

Crawl the Web. Any part of it.

Get rid of any manual data collection and sorting right away! Let us automate the process to optimize your time and financial costs to the maximum. Specify and provide us a list of the websites you need the data from, keywords you want to track and the frequency you want this information to be updated. Our software will visit and crawl any website on your demand in order to complement any of your business specific needs.


Financial sector

  • Interest rates;
  • Exchange rates;
  • Stock data;

Business management

  • Competitor analysis;
  • Online reputation;
  • Price comparison;

Digital marketing

  • SEO tracking;
  • Contact gathering;
  • Lead generation;

Digital media

  • Up-to-date news;
  • PR websites;
  • Web mashups;

Real-estate sector

  • Agent contact information;
  • Offer comparison;
  • Pricing trends;

Instant access, flexible presentation

Access information you need through our user-friendly, fully responsive platform at any time and device of your usage. Enjoy easily comprehensive data presentment within precisely structured and easily managed Bootstrap based web interface. Choose colors and bring brand identity elements within it!


Schedule your extraction

Consider the time intervals you want your data to be updated and let us make it happen. We may deliver your Web data in a variety of formats on your demand: XML, CSV, JSON, XLS, HTML, PDF, etc. Moreover, feel secure by getting constant backups and using our high-availability database.